How to Make Six Pack Abs

How to Make Six Pack Abs by Reducing Traditional Cardiovascular Exercise

how to make six packIt’s quite simple really; if you want to make a six pack then, you need to go no further than looking at the weights rack in any gym or even in your home. I’ll get to the cardiovascular stuff in a moment, but it’s worth spending a few minutes recapping on the science of muscles to give us some context to work in. 

Of the voluntary muscles that you can do something about there are fast twitch muscle fibers and slow twitch muscle fibers.

But not both. You can either lift weights or run. Simple as that.

And I am afraid that you are born with a ratio of type I and II which will stay the same for the whole of your life. I will give you a bit more detail on that later.

So what does that matter?

Let’s go back to those fast and slow twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers are for the lifters and provide strength; slow twitch provides endurance so are more suited to the endurance runner.

There are subcategories of these muscles – IIa and IIx fibers in the case of fast twitch.

If you are still with me so far it’s about to get a bit more complicated.

Those type IIx are the biggest fiber type, but have no endurance – most couch potatoes have these, but undeveloped. Type IIa is stronger than type I, have the ability to grow and have a little patience.

Here’s the great news – with the right strength training you can change type IIx fibers into type IIa with resistance training, like shifting heavy weights. More shape, more growth.

So why does any of this matter, and what has it got to do with how to make six pack abs by reducing cardiovascular training?

The larger the muscle size you have, the more your body has to work to retain that muscle. It consumes more calories or, to give it the correct term, it has a higher metabolic rate.

Ok, so size matters. It’s at last time to look at cardiovascular exercise and how it affects the whole system.

First, not all cardiovascular exercise is bad. It’s the layman’s definition of it that is. Cardiovascular exercise is any activity which stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Final science bit.

If you use resistance training alone that employs over 40% of your maximum power, you will see growth in both your type II and your kind I muscle fibers.

But to be honest, a well-designed workout will be having all the effect on your heart and cardiovascular system you could ever want to both keep you healthy and to perfect your abs sculpting regime.

Did you know that some of the leanest and meanest people (men and women), never do any normal